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Being a firefighter is a dangerous job, being a volunteer is even more dangerous.  With limited funding or time to train, having quality, serviceable, and up to date protective equipment is even more important.

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We realize that your time is often more valuable then the monetary gifts we need. By giving a tax deductible charitable donation, you will be protecting your family and helping us to serve your community.


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Neil Singerling

Neil is the Fire Police Captain for Brecknock Township Fire Company. His primary focus is Fire Police…

$0 of $235 raised

Neil Singerling

$0 of $235 raised

Neil is the Fire Police Captain for Brecknock Township Fire Company. His primary focus is Fire Police and Equipment Driver. In order to be best protected while serving the community, he requires the following special equipment.

Cold Weather Hi-Viz Hat $25
Cold Weather Hi-Viz Jacket $125
Cold Weather Hi-Viz Pants $60
Cold Weather Hi-Viz Gloves $25

Personal Info

Donation Total: $20.00

Michael Brent

Michael Brent is has been a volunteer with Brecknock Township Fire Company for only a year…

$100 of $678 raised

Michael Brent

$100 of $678 raised

Michael Brent is has been a volunteer with Brecknock Township Fire Company for only a year and has been selected as the Fire Police Lieutenant.  Since the Fire Police department is small and resources limited, Michael has purchase many of the high visibility and cold weather garments needed to keep our firefighters and the public safe while maintaining his own safety as well.

Donations will go towards purchasing additional tools and lighting to improve his safety.


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Donation Total: $20.00

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Technology Fund

$20 of $2,800 raised

Computers, software, and other technologies are an integral part of firefighting today. In order to provide timely response we rely on computers, cell phones, and iPads with GPS to get to the scene. And of course there is the office work that requires computer, printers, phones, security, camera, internet, etc. The list goes on as we are a business of volunteers.

We currently own 1 XP, 2 Vista, a one WIN10 desktop, and one WIN10 laptop. We have a multi-function printer, and a laser printer. To put it mildly, we are in need of a complete overhaul.


In leu of monetary donations we are in need of:

2 laptops either with WIN10 or Chrome OS. These will be used for monitoring and logging call responses.

Four displays greater that 22″, does not need to be high resolution but accept HDMI. Three docking stations for the laptops to the monitors.

32-45″ TV to mount in the engine room to view emergency updates.

Three WIN10 laptops. SSD would be great as would 2.3Ghz or better, and 16GB ram, in order to run the software used in creating reporting, and for programming our radios, pagers, etc.

If you have any of these items to donate please contact Michael at

Personal Info

Donation Total: $20.00

Radio Fund

$850 of $3,500 raised

One of our greatest expenses has been upgrading and maintaining our radio system. In 2015 Berks County upgraded their radio system to be more secure and offer more features. This upgrade cost BTFC nearly $87,000 to outfit our company with the minimum needed radios to funciton. Firefighter, EMS, and Fire Police safety is increased exponentially when we are able to communicate effectivly. Each radio system cost BTFC $3800.

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Donation Total: $20.00

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Learn More About the Need

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What does it cost to outfit a firefighter?

There are many resources for this information, but it varies.

Click Here

Cost to Fit a Firefighter


How much does it cost to outfit one firefighter?

It cost, on average, about $7285 to outfit one firefighter to fight a house fire in accordance with the National Fire and Protection Agency (NFPA) standards. Here is a list of the average equipment and average cost.

Fire Helmet $225

Firefighter Jacket $1000

Firefighter Pants $800

Fire Boots $200

Nomex Hood $25

Firefighting Gloves $60

2-way Radio $385

Air Pack $5000

Flashlight $50



Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not a Brecknock Resident?

While we encourage everyone to donate within their own community, if you have the ability to gift to our Volunteers we would appreciate it. Our volunteers are often called to other townships and counties to support other fire companies. We call this “Mutual Aid”.

Can my donation be anonymous?

Yes. You can choose to remain anonymous from the public, however, know that our board will review all donations and may wish to reach out to you to give our thanks. 

Is there anything else I can do to help?

We are always looking for volunteers. You can help by

  • Asking others to volunteer or donate
  • Attend our fundraisers and community events
  • Help advertise our events
  • Thank a firefighter
  • Volunteer to
    • Clean around the fire company
    • Do light maintenance
    • Do yard work

Where is my money going?

When you sponsor a Firefighter your donation is put into a general fund but our reports allow us to route your donation to the individual firefighter’s needs. The fire company will use those funds to purchase the equipment needed based on shortages of the company, and the needs of the firefighter.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Your donation will go to our 501(c3) non-profit, which is normally tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor or United States Tax Codes to be sure.